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Welcome to Gearing Scientific Ltd - testing new materials for over 25 Years.

1.  Thermal Conductivity test apparatus and contract testing

Rapid contract testing on our own apparatus here from 0 to 150C (or 250C max -according to the material).


2.  DMA testing and application notes

We offer contract testing on Dynamic Mechanical (Thermal) Analysis - DMA or DMTA which often shows much more subtle differences than other techniques such as DSC or even mDSC!  In particular the glass transitions (Tg) for even minor components in a blend or composite material or foodstuffs,  and can even look at a few milligrammes of a valuable pharmaceutical or research material using the patented material pockets on probably the most sensitive DMA available on the market.

3.  Polymer standards and co-polymers

Polymer standards and co-polymers for research or calibration of GPC or SEC etc apparatus with academic discounts to Universities in Europe.  We can supply from www.polymersource.com and www.ampolymer.com as well as from others. A full list can be downloaded here.

Gearing Scientific Ltd



Tel: (44) 1462 742007 or Email: gearingsci@yahoo.com

Address: 4 Springhead, Ashwell, Hertfordshire, SG7 5LL, England