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Rapid contract testing on our own apparatus.

Thermal Conductivity

Contract testing on Dynamic Mechanical (Thermal) Analysis


TMA or Thermal Mechanical Analysis

Thermal Conductivity and Lambda Values


Gearing Scientific was formed in 1995 to specialise in certain areas of polymer and other materials analysis, based on 25 years experience of selling and supporting polymer analysis apparatus worldwide by it’s managing director, John Gearing.

Thermal Expansion

Discover a new dimension in material testing and analysis with our comprehensive range of services. Our cutting-edge DMA testing ensures a deep understanding of material behavior under dynamic mechanical stress, while thermal conductivity testing provides vital insights into heat transfer properties.

Relative Stiffness and Glass Transition

We offer precise lambda values, CTE, and TMA testing, enabling you to optimize your materials for superior performance. Uncover the secrets of “relative stiffness” and glass transition (Tg) with our expert analysis. We also offer testing for insulation effectiveness and insulation values whatever your project. Trust our services to elevate your materials to their highest potential, ensuring success in every application.

Industry Standards

DMA to ISO 2856, 6721-5, 2856, 4664 and ASTM D2231 and DIN 53513.
Thermal conductivity ISO 8301, ASTM C518, C177, BS874 and DIN 52612. TMA to iso 11359-2 and ASTM E831.

Latest Equipment

We use the latest scientific measuring and data gathering methods in addition to the latest equipment which is regularly calibrated

Timely Results

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