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Application Note 19​

Effect of Saline on Epoxy Resin Paint run in Tension Geometry

The use of DMA for the analysis of the a (Tg) relaxation of epoxy resin paint samples will be demonstrated. The resin used for these experiments was used as a corrosion inhibiting coating for marine applications. Samples were prepared and run as received, soaked in saline solution for 7 days and totally immersed during the measurement.

Application Note 20

α and β Relaxations of PMMA and Calculation of the Activation Energy

The use of DMA for the analysis of the α (Tg) and β relaxations of PMMA will be shown in this note. All relaxations are frequency dependant and the results of a multi frequency experiment show clear events for both the α and the β relaxations. The activation energy of both relaxations will be calculated using the Arrhenius equation.